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Alexandra Weilenmann is professor in Applied IT, founder and leader of the Human-Computer Interaction division, and project leader for Digital Seniors. Weilenmann has studied the everyday use of mobile IT since 1998 and coordinated VINNOVA funded project on mobile phone use among the older population, in collaboration with the Swedish National Pensioners’ Organization (PRO), the Swedish Handicap Institute and the Swedish IT & Telecom Industries. She was an expert member of Aging Population Telecom Expert Group (2009-2011) and a member of the Swedish Government’s Use Forum (2012-13).

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Olof Torgersson has a PhD in Computer Science and works as associate professor in interaction design. He has worked more than 20 years in interdisciplinary research projects dealing with knowledge management, medical information systems, digital tools for communities of practice, multi-layered user interface design, decision support systems, and mobile computing. He was the project leader in Sweden for the DEVICE project working on development of design education for vulnerable generations, incl. older population.

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Sandra Buratti is a licensed psychologists and a senior lecturer in cognitive psychology. Her main research areas concern judgment, decision making and learning through a life span perspective. She is a member of the research group Lifelab at the Department of Psychology.

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Vasiliki Mylonopoulou, PhD, is a Marie Skłodowska Curie alumni. She works as post-doctorate at the Human-Computer Interaction division in the Applied IT department. She has worked on designing technology for health behaviour change by using social influence/comparison. Her Ph.D. thesis resulted in a design tool that can be used by practitioners in designing health and wellbeing technology that includes social aspects. She is passionate about designing and evaluating technology so as to support better people’s diverse needs.

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Mattias Rost is a senior lecturer at the division of human computer interaction at the University of Gothenburg. He has got a PhD from Stockholm University in Human Computer Interaction after conducting research at the Mobile Life Centre. He was previously a research associate at the University of Glasgow, and a digital strategist at the IT consultancy firm Iteam. He has a long industry and academic career. His research interests consists of mobile communication, mobile interaction, digital wellbeing and health, mindfulness, and processes for research design and development.

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Sebastian Andreasson is a research engineer at the Human-Computer Interaction division in the Applied IT department with a long industry experience working with app development and backend systems. Hyper Island alumni and co-founder of a tech-startup that was part of the STING incubator in Stockholm.

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Alan Said is a Senior Lecturer at University of Gothenburg. He holds a PhD from Technische Universität Berlin. Alan has experience in industry and academic positions. He was lecturer at University of Skövde (2016-2019), machine learning engineer 2014-2016 working on application of state of the art machine learning in a large scale production setting at Recorded Future. He was Senior Researcher (2014) working on recommender systems and evaluation in the Multimedia Computing research group at Delft University of Technology. He was awarded an MSCA Alain Bensoussan ERCIM Fellowship at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (2013-2014) for work on evaluation of recommender and personalization systems. Alan’s research spans the fields of user modeling, personalization, recommender systems, evaluation, and reproducibility. He has worked in these fields in various national and international projects as researcher, leader, manager, PI, and proposal writer.

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Beata Jungselius has a PhD in Applied IT and is an Associate Professor in Informatics at University West. Her research interests are social media use and technology-mediated social interaction. She is involved in the project doing user studies as well as by communicating the project results in accessible ways to a non-academic audience.

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Peter Ljungstrand is studio director and senior researcher at RISE Interactive in Gothenburg. He has worked around 20 years in cross-disciplinary, international research projects, and engaged in user-centred design with seniors in a number of previous projects.

Gunnar Oledal is a researcher and developer at RI.SE who has participated in several behaviour change projects among others.

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