Klara Facebook

Klara Facebook is an add-on for you browser that changes the look and feel of Facebook. Klara Facebook is for those of us who think that there is a little too much information on Facebook. By following a simple step-by-step process, Klara Facebook helps you simplify the content and adapt it to your needs.

Before and after Klara Facebook.

Get Klara Facebook

The Klara Facebook extension is available for the Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. Click the buttons below to read more and add the extension to your browser. You can uninstall the extension at any time. The extension works better if you have Swedish as your Facebook language.

Go to the extension in Firefox add-ons.


Who can use Klara Facebook?

Klara Facebook is for everyone who wants a simpler and more personal look on Facebook. Everyone can use Klara Facebook, even those who are under 65 years old. If you are over 65 you may also choose to contribute to our research.

How does Klara Facebook work?

Once you have installed Klara Facebook, you will recieve some questions about how you use Facebook. The content on Facebook then changes based on your answers. This way, you get a simplified design of Facebook, adapted to your needs. Of course, it is possible to change the settings at any time if your needs change.

How do I install Klara Facebook?

You install the add-on by adding it to the browser Chrome from the Chrome-store (link opens in a new tab) or Firefox from Firefox add-ons (link opens in a new tab).

How do I turn off or on Klara Facebook?

You turn off or on the add-on by selecting the Facebook icon on the top right of your browser and chose Av or På respectively.

Image showing the menu that appears after you click on the Facebook icon on the top right corner of your browser

How do I uninstall Klara Facebook?

You uninstall the add-on by selecting the Facebook icon on the top right of your browser and chose Fler alternative and then avinstallera.

Why have you created this add-on?

Today, many over the age of 65 use social media. We expect the number to increase, as most people under 65 have used social media during a big part of their lives. In the Digital Seniors project, we aim to understand how we can design digital technology that adapts to people’s aging. Klara Facebook is our first attempt to understand how we reach that aim.

What data do you collect?

If you choose not to participate in the study, we will not collect any data about your use, but you can still use Klara Facebook.

If you are over 65 years old you can choose whether you want to participate in the study or not. If you choose to participate in the study, we collect data about your age and gender. We also collect data related to your interaction with the extension. This includes for example:

  • The answers to your questions about how you uses Facebook.
  • How often you use Facebook.
  • Whether you turn on/off the add-on.

Each week you will also receive a questionnaire about your experience of the add-on, which you can choose to answer. If you want to be contacted for any follow-up questions, you can also choose to share your e-mail.

We do not collect any data about what you do on Facebook. We make sure we have taken all necessary steps to keep your information secure.

How do I withdraw from the study?

You can withdraw your participation in the study at any time, or change how you wish to participate. Here’s how:

  1. Select Extensions in your browser:
    • For Chrome: Select Extensions in the top right corner. The symbol looks like a piece of a puzzle, as you can see in the image below to the left.
    • From Firefox: Select Open menu in the top right corner. The symbol looks like three horizontal lines. Then, select Extensions. The symbol looks like a piece of a puzzle. You can see what this looks like in the image below to the right.
  2. Select “Klara Facebook”
  3. Finally, you select “Hoppa av” in the extension menu.

You can also contact us to let us know that you want to withdraw. We can help you uninstall the extension and delete your data.

The image shows the extension button on Chrome which is placed next to the profile picture.
To find Klara Facebook, select Extension and then Klara Facebook.
The image shows the extension button on Firefox which is placed in the menu on the top right of your browser.
To find your Extensions, select Open menu and then Extensions. From there select Klara Facebook.

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