The Project

The vision of this project is to shift the focus from designing technology for “elderly” to designing technology for ageing.

Up to date, the design of technology is mainly focused on introducing ICT to people over 65 and on designing systems specifically for the older population. Nowadays, the perception that people over 65 find digital technology as something alien, is a myth. Most Swedish in this age-group used technology throughout their working lives, own at least a smartphone, and they navigate through digital forms, payments, and healthcare services. It is not us designing for them anymore, it is us designing for our future selves.

In Digital Seniors, we aim to contribute to a sustainable, inclusive, and free of “elder” related stereotypes future digital society. We plan to achieve this by studying how to design digital technology that adapts to the people’s aging process. We work in close collaboration with people over 65, users of technology for a big part of their lives, to understand any challenges they may face due to the aging process and the frequently updated digital technology.

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